IFB Docuseries Covers Diversity, Challenges of Farming in Illinois

The Illinois Farm Bureau has released an online docuseries focusing on our state’s diverse agricultural industry. The docuseries, called “Fields Apart: Rooted Together,” follows several farms across Illinois, some small and Chicago-based, others sprawling and downstate. The three thirty-minute episodes showcase urban and rural farms, the roles they play, and the obstacles they face.

As a farmer, I know the challenges that come about with running the farm all too well. IFB did an incredible job showing that these challenges affect not only our downstate farmers but also farmers in Chicago. The docuseries also does a great job of showing just how important local farms are when it comes to food security in our state. Oftentimes, entire communities depend on the hard work of a small number of farmers who go above and beyond to support their neighbors.

It takes a village to support our farms; big or small, urban or rural. We must continue to help Illinois’ farms by buying local and supporting forms of agricultural innovation and education like the ones covered in the episodes. I encourage everybody to take some time and watch the docuseries to learn more about Illinois’ diverse agricultural industry and the challenges many of our farmers face each and every day. The next time you buy produce at the grocery store, remember all the hard work it took to get it there.

You can watch “Fields Apart: Rooted Together” for free at https://www.ilfb.org/resources/learn-about-il-agriculture/fields-apart-rooted-together/.