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Last week we were scheduled to be in Springfield for the legislative session Tuesday through Thursday, but Thursday was canceled and there was very little done on Tuesday and Wednesday. While there may not have been much going on in Springfield, I’ve been busy in the district. I had the opportunity to participate in the March for Life hosted by the Clinton County Right to Life. Even in the cold, I was glad to see so many people there to support the dignity of life and to stand against the extreme pro-abortion policies in Illinois. 

Today, I’ll give you an update today on what is happening locally and some of the big news going on throughout the state. 

Border Crisis Comes to Illinois (And Not Just Chicago) 

I’m sure you are just as concerned as I am about the Biden border crisis that is unfolding. And, although some politicians would like us to believe otherwise, this crisis is coming to every single community – either because of migrants moving North or because our taxpayer dollars are being spent on migrants instead of our local communities. Over 33,000 migrants have been dropped off in Illinois just since last summer and the state has spent over a half a billion (with a B) taxpayer dollars on the issue. 

That is why I have joined Republicans in Springfield to push back against using taxpayer dollars to fund healthcare for those who are here illegally, to reverse Illinois’ status as a sanctuary state, and to call for transparency in government plans for handling these migrants. 

You can read more about this here and here

The Rules Implementing the Gun Ban Go Into Effect, Even Though There Are Still Questions

Last week there was a hearing in Springfield to make decisions on the final proposed rules from the State Police on implementing the firearm ban. The full law went into effect on January 1st even without final rules. And, the proposed rules that will go into effect and are still vague and a majority of the board, called JCAR, voted to object to the rules saying that there are still unanswered questions. 

You can read more about the meeting here

This law is also being challenged in court and may come before the U.S. Supreme Court. 

Sign Petition: Protect Jobs for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

As I wrote to you about last year, there is legislation pending in the Illinois House, House Bill 793, that could leave at least 50% of workers in Illinois with developmental and intellectual disabilities without a job by placing costly mandates on their employers. 

Please stand up for the dignity of work and sign this petition to protect their jobs: 

Down on the Farm: 

January is National Blood Donation Month. This was my 139 pint of donated blood. Donating blood is a quick and easy way to help save the lives of others.

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