327 New Laws Take Effect January 1, 2024

With 327 new laws scheduled to take effect on New Year’s Day. State Representative Charlie Meier (R-Okawville) is making the public aware of several new laws of interest set to take effect on January 1, 2024.

Twenty-six bills sponsored by State Representative Charlie Meier have or will become law. A few new laws supported by Rep. Meier that may be of interest to Illinoisans include increasing awareness of the free ombudsman program available to residents in long-term care facilities, the creation of an emergency services district in Clinton County, used paint recycling program, at-home cancer screening coverage, automatic renewal of your fishing license, removing the permit requirement for composting on small farms, and preventing fentanyl exposure.


Free Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program

Sponsored by Rep. Charlie Meier, this new law (Public Act 103-119) will help increase awareness of a free service by requiring long-term care facilities to post information about the Illinois Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program (LTCOP) prominently on their website.

“Most people don’t even know what a long-term care ombudsman is – it’s a person that will advocate on your behalf to make sure your rights, concerns, and needs are being met with confidentiality,” said Rep. Charlie Meier. “An ombudsman has proved vital during times of lockdowns as they help navigate visitation rights for families. My intent of this new law is to help increase awareness about this important program. This is a free service that is available to everyone living in a long-term care facility. A long-term care ombudsman can really help put a family member at ease, knowing their loved one has an additional advocate working to ensure their issues and concerns are being addressed.”

Creation of Emergency Services District in Clinton County

Sponsored by Rep. Charlie Meier, Public Act 103-0134 is a multi-step process to help rural communities in Clinton County create an ‘Emergency Services District’ for the purpose of providing ambulance service. Rep. Charlie Meier introduced the legislation at the request of the Village of Albers, New Baden, and Damiansville.

“It’s getting more difficult for the communities affected in Clinton County to provide emergency ambulance service to residents that depend on this service when they need it most,” said Rep. Meier. “This new law will provide the taxpayers the opportunity to decide if they want to create an ‘Emergency Services District’ or not.”

Used Paint Recycling Program

This new law (Public Act 103-0372) co-sponsored by State Representative Charlie Meier allows for consumers to safely dispose of household paint. Meier began working on legislation to make it more convenient for consumers to recycle paint back in 2019.

“This new law will require paint manufacturers to submit to the Illinois EPA a plan for establishing a used paint collection program,” said Rep. Charlie Meier. “Once the program is up and running, consumers will be able to recycle or dispose of their unwanted paint safely and also in an environmentally-friendly way.”

Under the Paint Stewardship Act, manufacturers will pay a fee to the IEPA to set up a paint collection site, service, or event. This will allow residents to drop off unused paint to specific locations free of charge. Once established, most collection sites will be within a 15-mile radius for 90 percent of Illinois residents.


Mortgage Marketing Consumer Protection
Public Act 103-292, HB2094
Aims to protect homeowners from being tricked into unnecessary mortgage refinancing through misleading mail advertisements from mortgage companies not affiliated with the homeowner’s home lender. The law focuses on protecting new and elderly homeowners who are new to the home buying process and more susceptible to deceptive mortgage marketing tactics

Protecting Abused Children from More Trauma
Public Act 103-0164, House Bill 2607
Ensures kids testifying in abuse cases will not have to confront their abusers in open court
Establishes a rebuttable presumption that the testimony of a child victim under 13 years of age shall testify outside the courtroom and the child’s testimony shall be shown in the courtroom by means of a closed-circuit television.

Home Saliva Cancer Screening Coverage
Public Act 103-445, House Bill 3202
Provides coverage for medically necessary at-home saliva cancer screenings every two years for patients who are either asymptomatic, are at high risk for cancer, or are demonstrating symptoms of cancer.

Preventing Fentanyl Exposure
Public Act 103-336, House Bill 3203
Allows pharmacists and retail stores to sell potentially life-saving fentanyl test strips over the counter. Also allows a county health department to distribute fentanyl test strips at the county health department facility free of charge.

Removing Permitting Mandates for Small Farm Composting Sites

Public Act 103-0342, House Bill 3277

An on-farm composting site is exempt from having to receive a permit if the composted material is sold as a soil nutrient.

Automatic Renewal of Fishing Licenses

Public Act 103-0456, House Bill 3677

This new law puts in place a system for DNR to automatically renew a fishing license upon request of the applicant. The new law establishes guidelines and fees for the renewals, including a specification that fees for veterans returning from service abroad shall be one-half of the fee charged for a 3-year fishing license.

Work-based Learning included in School Day Attendance

Public Act 103-0560, House Bill 3814

This legislation amends the Compulsory Attendance Article of the School Code. It provides for inclusion in daily pupil attendance calculation for students that participate in a Supervised Career Development Experience or qualified work-based learning experience. The work-based learning experience can include events of State FFA associations, National FFA Organization, and 4-H programs.

Parents Obtaining Health Records for Their Developmentally Disabled Children
Public Act 103-474, Senate Bill 188
Closes loopholes in the law to ensure that parents of developmentally disabled children can have access to health records without needing to take time off work to get a court order.

HOA Partnering with Townships for Road Repair
Public Act 103-486, Senate Bill 1460
Allows Homeowners Associations to contract with their townships to receive discounted rates on materials and services related to repairing and maintaining roadways.

Rural Education Advisory Council

Public Act 103-0497, Senate Bill 1787

Creates the Rural Education Advisory Council. This council will work to serve rural schools and discuss the needs, challenges, opportunities, and functions of the rural districts, and report back to the State with recommendations.

For a detailed list of new laws set to take effect on January 1, 2024, please click here.