Rep. Meier Says Governor is Welcoming Undocumented Immigrants by Bailing Chicago Out

State Representative Charlie Meier (R-Okawville) disagrees with Governor Pritzker’s decision to authorize an additional $160 million in state funds to provide shelter and job assistance to thousands of migrants in Chicago.

“The Governor is rolling out the welcome mat for migrants in Chicago with our tax dollars from southern Illinois,” said Rep. Meier. “While programs for kids under state care are shortchanged and undocumented immigrants continue to receive free healthcare, the Governor pulls a rabbit out of his hat to provide another bailout for Chicago at our expense.”

According to a release from Governor Pritzker’s office on November 16, 2023, “This announcement builds on $478 million in state funding that has been provided or committed to the asylum seeker response over FY 2023 and 2024. This includes direct funding to the City of Chicago and other municipalities assisting asylum seekers as well as substantial State funding for shelter, food, medical care, rental assistance, and wraparound casework and services.”

Rep. Meier added, “While taxpayers are figuring out how to combat inflation, their hard-earned tax dollars are being spent to benefit non-citizens in Chicago. Our state is in this mess partly because we are a sanctuary state for non-citizens. The legislature must repeal the TRUST Act to help stop the massive influx of undocumented immigrants moving to our state.”