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Monday was Purple Heart Day, a day to recognize and honor heroes in our armed forces who sacrificed for our freedom and the freedom of those around the world. To the brave men and women awarded a Purple Heart for their heroism – thank you.

Legislative Update

A couple of weeks ago I wrote to you about a bill signed by Governor Pritkzer that targets Crisis Pregnancy Centers throughout the state. I was opposed to that law and support the good and lifesaving work of crisis pregnancy centers throughout our area.

At the end of last week a federal judge issued an injunction that bans the law from going into effect as a challenge to the law makes its way through the courts. The ruling from the judge was scathing – he said, “SB 1909 (the law in question) is both stupid and very likely unconstitutional.”

Here is a quote from one of the lawyers representing the Crisis Pregnancy Centers in the lawsuit: “Free Speech won today in the Land of Lincoln—pro-life advocates across Illinois can breathe a sigh of relief they won’t be pursued for ‘misinformation’ by Attorney General Kwame Raoul,” stated Peter Breen, Executive Vice President and Head of Litigation for the Thomas More Society.

I will continue to keep you updated on the lawsuit as it goes through the court process.

Corruption Trial Begins in Chicago

This week the trail in the Federal case against former Madigan chief of staff Tim Mapes begins in Chicago. Tim Mapes is facing federal charges after allegedly lying to federal law enforcement to protect his former boss, Mike Madigan. This is just the newest case in a string of corruption cases over the past couple of years in Chicago. This is of course all leading to Mike Madigan’s trial which is scheduled to begin next April

These corruption cases have reminded Illinoisans of the expensive cost of corruption in Illinois government – where elected officials use their positions for personal gain and because of their insider deals and political slush funds, Illinoisans pay a corruption tax.

I have joined many of my colleagues in calling for stronger anti-corruption reforms. During my time in the Illinois legislature, I saw firsthand the Madigan Machine working on an agenda that politically benefited the Democrat party. I’m glad to see this case is finally proceeding forward and justice in Illinois will prevail. This case is yet another example of why we need stronger anti-corruption laws in the state.

You can read more about the trial here:

National Sunflower Day

This weekend we celebrated National Sunflower Day. I know we have at least one sunflower farm in our area – DeMange Farm in St. Jacob ( ).  If you know of others please share, and remember to support your local farmers! This sunflower below was grown in the district by my chief of staff in Highland.

This Week on the Farm:

The first batch of salsa is made!

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