‘All Kids’ health insurance audit shows ineligible recipients cost Illinois taxpayers $1.2 million

The state-run All Kids Health Insurance program has been providing insurance to those over the eligible age of 18, which cost taxpayers nearly $1.2 million. 

An Auditor General report released this week shows issues with late filings, a misclassification of kids’ immigration status and allowing over-age persons to participate. 

While the report notes beginning in March 2020, enrollees that were over the allowable age were allowed to maintain coverage because of COVID-19, auditors identified duplicate enrollees during fiscal year 2019 through fiscal 2022.

State Rep. Charlie Meier, R-Okawville, reviewed the report and told The Center Square that there was no excuse for this kind of finding.

“If Facebook can send you an alert every time one of your friends has a birthday, if Facebook can do that, don’t you think the state of Illinois, who is mailing these people money, ought to be able to do that,” Meier said. 

Meier said that the lack of attention to the department’s inner workings shows little oversight and has been costing taxpayers. 

“It shows you that the people in charge are not doing their jobs. Nobody wants to do any oversight. They just rubber stamp it,” Meier said. “They are giving taxpayer money away. It is not their money they are giving away.” 

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