The Year of the Farmer

96% of farms are family owned and operated. To help to draw attention and raise awareness about Illinois’ 69K+ farm families, Illinois Farm Families, a group of volunteer farmers and farm organizations dedicated to bridging the gap between urban and rural audiences, has launched an awareness campaign. They are highlighting the fact that while farms may look different than they did years ago, it’s families who make the day-to-day decisions on the farm and support our communities, our state, and world with the food and products they grow and raise.

The “We are the 96” campaign was launched earlier this year and even featured a spot during the Super Bowl game to bring attention to the importance of farming and family farming in Illinois.

Illinois Farm Families is celebrating 2023 as the year of the Illinois farmer to show appreciation for all that farmers do and remind everyone that 96% of the state’s farms are family-owned and operated. Check out their commercial below: