Meier: Pro-Criminal SAFE-T Act Must Be Repealed

Twenty months ago, I voted against legislation called the SAFE-T Act that will take full effect January 1, 2023. If this law is not repealed by New Year’s Day, it will allow criminals to get out of jail fast. And let me tell you, there is nothing SAFE about the SAFE-T Act which is why I have co-sponsored legislation (HB 4497) to repeal this anti-public safety law. My legislation would repeal the SAFE-T Act’s anti-police, pro-criminal provisions, but leave in place enhanced compensation for victims of violent crimes.

The 764-page SAFE-T Act legislation was dropped last minute during a lame-duck session and it was approved in under 40 minutes, just hours before newly elected lawmakers were sworn into office. During the brief debate on the anti-law enforcement bill, I looked around at my colleagues from both sides of the aisle and saw law enforcement standing there to protect us. This is the thanks they get? The Democrat-controlled legislature didn’t even allow the only policeman and lawmaker serving at this time the chance to speak on this bill that will impact every Illinoisan.

If the SAFE-T Act is not repealed by January 1, 2023 criminals apprehended for violent crimes such as arson, aggravated battery, burglary, drug deals, human trafficking, kidnapping, robbery, and felony murder to name a few could be back on the street following their arrest without having to pay cash bail. Remember the game Monopoly? Well on New Year’s Day every criminal will receive a ‘GET OUT OF JAIL FREE’ card unless this pro-criminal SAFE-T Act is repealed.

I chose to back-the-badge and keep our communities safe by voting against the SAFE-T Act that will tie the hands of law enforcement in our state. The SAFE-T Act will allow criminals to get out of jail much faster without requiring them to post cash bail and will make it more complicated for law enforcement to keep dangerous criminals off our streets.

There is nothing safe about the SAFE-T Act! I urge the public to contact their lawmakers and tell them to support keeping our communities safe and vote YES to repeal the SAFE-T Act before it’s too late.

Charlie Meier
State Representative, 108th District