Rep. Meier Sponsored Bill Passes, Celebrating Illinois’ Rich Agricultural History

State Representative Charlie Meier (R-Okawville) sponsored a bill declaring the first full week of March 2022 as “Illinois Soil Health Week” and the Wednesday of that week as “Illinois Soil Health Day.” This bill celebrates the rich agricultural history of the State of Illinois and encourages soil conservation efforts across the state.

The protection and conservation of Illinois soil is crucial. Illinois has accomplished abundant prosperity through the soil and water resources that have produced its legacy of bountiful crops. House Bill HJR 63 raises awareness of the importance of agriculture for the future of Illinois.

State Representative Charlie Meier had this to say regarding the passing of the bill: “I am grateful that this bill celebrating our beautiful agricultural legacy has passed. Having a farming background myself, I know firsthand how much of an impact our soil has on our great state of Illinois, and that’s exactly why I proposed this bill. I want us all to come together to celebrate the history of agriculture in Illinois and raise awareness of conservation efforts so that this legacy continues on in the future.”

Representative Charlie Meier proudly serves Illinois 108th district, including portions of Clinton, Madison, St. Clair, and Washington Counties.