286 New Laws Take Effect New Year’s Day

State Representative Charlie Meier (R-Okawville) is making the public aware of nearly 300 new laws scheduled to take effect on January 1st.

Several new laws to know supported by Rep. Meier include; reducing the cost of license plate trailer fees, removing regulation of kid’s lemonade stands, parking for expectant mothers, expanding cancer testing for kids with cancer, creation of Folds of Honor license plates, and Veterans Gardening Day to name a few.


Two notable bills co-sponsored by Rep. Meier to become law which are important to the region includes the new law to expand the ability for cottage food operations to sell their baked goods, jams, and canned goods locally and online. In addition, a new law aimed at protecting residents of mental health and developmental disability facilities such as Murray Center located in Centralia.

Public Act 102-633 expands the ability for cottage food operations such as farmers and small businesses to sell their baked goods, jams, and canned goods such as pickles at fairs, festivals, home, online, and home delivery.

According to Rep. Meier, “I was happy to co-sponsor legislation to make it easier for homemade goods to be sold to consumers throughout the state. We have a lot of quality homemade goods being produced in southern Illinois. Thanks to this new law, it will be easier for these small businesses to sell their baked goods and grow their business.”

Public Act 102-501 will further protect residents of mental health and developmental disability facilities.

According to the new law, an employee shall immediately be barred from any further contact with recipients of services of the facility when an initial investigation of a reported allegation of abuse, neglect or financial exploitation of a recipient of services indicates, based upon credible evidence, that an employee of a mental health or developmental disability facility is the perpetrator of the abuse.

“Protecting our most vulnerable residents is the intent of this new law. I hope to see CILAs (group homes) to be included when this law takes effect.”


Trailer License Plate Fee Reduced

Public Act 102-353, Senate Bill 58

Lowers Class TA trailer license plate fees from $118 to $36.

Hayli’s Law: Lemonade Stands to Operate Without Regulation

Public Act 102-78, Senate Bill 119

To ensure children may have a lemonade stand, this new law prevents state or local authorities from regulating children under the age of 16 selling lemonade or similar drinks at a stand.

Parking for Expectant Mothers
Public Act 102-453, House Bill 3027

Expectant mothers in their third trimester will now have the option to obtain a free placard for their vehicle valid for 90 days permitting them to park in handicap-designated spots throughout Illinois.

Cal’s Law

Public Act 102-289, House Bill 2109

Coverage is required for comprehensive cancer testing and testing of blood or constitutional tissues for cancer predisposition to ensure that children diagnosed with cancer can be approved for comprehensive testing.

Creates Folds of Honor License Plates

Public Act 102-383, House Bill 1915

This new law allows the issuance of Fold of Honor special license plate decals by IDVA. Money in the Folds of Honor Foundation Fund shall be paid as grants to the Folds of Honor Foundation to aid in providing educational scholarships to military families.

Veterans Gardening Day

Public Act 102-385, House Bill 2894

The first Saturday in May of each year is Veterans Gardening Day to be observed throughout the state as a day set apart in the honor and remembrance of veterans and celebrated with appropriate activities

Designates April Sarcoidosis Awareness Month

Public Act 102-132, House Bill 590

To promote the awareness of Sarcoidosis disease and treatment, the month of April will be designated as Sarcoidosis Awareness Month.

Insurance Coverage for Pancreatic Cancer Screenings

Public Act 102-306, Senate Bill 968

An insurer or managed care plan must provide coverage for medically necessary pancreatic cancer screening.

Insurance Coverage for Diabetes & Vitamin D Testing

Public Act 102-530, Senate Bill 1854

The new law states that a group or individual policy of accident and health insurance or managed care plan shall provide coverage for A1C testing for prediabetes, type 1 diabetes, and type 2 diabetes in accordance with prediabetes and diabetes risk factors identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The new law states similar coverage for vitamin D testing recommended by a health care provider in accordance with vitamin D deficiency risk factors identified by the CDC and defines “A1C testing” and “vitamin D testing”.

Adds Human Trafficking Victims to the Address Confidentiality Act

Public Act 102-292, Senate Bill 593

The Address Confidentiality for Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, or Stalking Act is expanded to add the same protections for victims of human trafficking. Those who qualify for the address confidentiality program may register to vote by submitting an Illinois Address Confidentiality Program Voter Registration Application, and their address will not be included in any list of registered voters available to the public, nor will their address or phone be subject to release through the Freedom of Information Act.

Illinois Constitution Day August 26

Public Act 102-447, House Bill 2834

The Commemorative Dates Act is amended to provide that August 26 of each year is designated as Illinois Constitution Day, to be observed throughout the state as a day to commemorate August 26, 1818 as the day Illinois ratified its first state Constitution.

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