Rep. Meier’s bill signed into law will make it easier for disabled vets to obtain license plates

Legislation sponsored by State Representative Charlie Meier (R-Okawville) to make it easier for disabled veterans to obtain a disabled veteran license plate was signed into law on Friday, August 6.

“When a constituent brought this issue forward several years ago I knew it had to be corrected,” said Rep. Meier. “The personal questions that were being asked about a disabled veteran were ridiculous. I am always happy to help our veterans. I am glad to see this bill signed into law.”

House Bill 694 sponsored by Rep. Meier provides that, with respect to the supporting documentation required to obtain a plate for a veteran with a disability, the Secretary of State shall allow an applicant to redact information on the documentation that pertains to the nature of the applicant’s health issue. Provides that the Secretary of State may require an applicant to disclose information necessary to confirm that the applicant’s disability is service-connected or to establish the degree of the applicant’s service-connected disability.

Under current law, a disabled veteran is required to send in a Full Ratings Decision Letter to receive a disabled veteran’s license plate. Veteran’s Affairs Rating Decision letters lists the medical conditions of the veteran, including those of a personal nature.

Rep. Meier added, “I feel strongly the documentation required before my legislation was signed into law is unnecessary as it includes very personal information about a disabled veteran’s medical history. My legislation signed into law will protect the privacy of our disabled veterans and make it easier for them to obtain a license plate.”