Rep. Meier Statement on Governor Pritzker’s Budget Address

State Representative Charlie Meier (R-Okawville) released the following statement after Governor JB Pritzker presented a virtual Budget Address for members of the Illinois General Assembly today.

“Just like the previous three years, the Governor’s budget proposal announced today does not include a plan to pay off Illinois’ $5.2 billion in unpaid bills. His plan counts on balancing the budget on the backs of businesses that are severely impacted by his forced closures. He wants small businesses to pay more even though many are struggling to stay open as a result of his failed policies.

I have worked for three years to get an international company headquartered in my district. I am very concerned about the number of jobs our state may lose as a result of Governor Pritzker’s budget proposal. The DCEO grants have brought industry to my rural communities by connecting small businesses to the global economy. Furthermore, I am disappointed that he broke his promise today by proposing to take money away from our local road funds.

With a swipe of a pen, the Governor is trying to undo what my colleagues and I have accomplished to bring more jobs to Illinois. It’s now up to the General Assembly to approve a budget based on Illinois’ estimated revenue instead of borrowing more money and digging our state deeper into debt, and we must stop punishing businesses that want to stay, expand, or relocate to Illinois.”