Meier Calls on Governor to Abandon Tax Hike on Small Businesses

State Representative Charlie Meier (R-Okawville) joined his House Republican colleagues in opposition to Governor Pritzker’s proposal to impose higher taxes onto Illinois businesses struggling to remain open during the pandemic.

“The executive orders and restrictions imposed during the pandemic have been detrimental to our small businesses,” said Rep. Meier. “Now the governor wants to tax them more? It just doesn’t make sense. I hear from small businesses every day that are struggling to stay open and make ends meet. If Governor Pritzker’s plan to tax small-businesses is approved, Illinois will continue to lose more small businesses, jobs, and population to our neighboring states.”

During the last few hours of lame duck session on January 13, Governor Pritzker tried to pass legislation that would have resulted in a tax increase estimated at anywhere from $500 million to $1.4 billion. The legislative proposal would have decoupled Illinois’ income tax from a provision in the federal CARES Act passed last spring to provide support for small businesses hit hardest by COVID-19 by allowing them to deduct additional losses in 2020. The legislation failed to pass, but the Governor said recently that he is planning to push the proposal again and try to force its passage before taxes are due this year.

Rep. Meier added, “As Governor Pritzker continues to seek new revenue sources, he’s not saying anything about the added cost of legislation added by his party. He’s only out there looking for more taxes on Illinois citizens. The additional cost of legislation approved during the lame duck session will cost taxpayers billions the state doesn’t have. The solution should not be to ask the taxpayers to pay for his deficit spending.”

The Illinois House is scheduled to return to session on February 10 and could take action on Governor Pritzker’s tax proposal.