Meier’s Statement on Democrats Approving Anti-Law Enforcement Bill

State Representative Charlie Meier (R-Okawville) issued the following statement after Democrat lawmakers approved a 764-page anti-law enforcement bill minutes before session expired:

“I chose to back-the-badge and keep our communities safe by voting against legislation that will defund and disable law enforcement in our state. The bill approved today will allow criminals to get out of jail much faster without requiring them to post cash bail and will make it more complicated for law enforcement to arrest dangerous criminals.

The legislation was approved today in under 40 minutes. It was not the same bill we saw yesterday. The new version added another 153 pages with only minutes to review. When the only policeman is not given the chance to speak on this bill. There is something wrong with the other side’s view of democracy.

During the brief debate of this bill, I looked around the BOS Center in Springfield and saw law enforcement standing here to protect us. This is the thanks they get?

The passage of this bill will go down in the history books as the last bill Mike Madigan orchestrated as Speaker of the House. The bill needed 60 votes to pass, and it got 60 votes thanks to Speaker Mike Madigan casting the deciding vote. What the legislature did today makes the job of law enforcement more difficult. Now it’s up to the Governor. For the safety of our communities, I urge Governor Pritzker to veto HB 3653 (formerly HB 163) as soon as it reaches his desk.”