Rep. Meier: Pritzker’s Emergency Rule to Require Businesses Enforce Employees and Customers to Wear Masks Approved

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker’s emergency rules to first warn, then fine businesses that do not adhere to a mandatory mask requirement for employees and customers was approved today by the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR). According to State Representative Charlie Meier (R-Okawville), “Governor Pritzker must stop making his own laws and call the legislature back to session immediately to address the important issues facing the state.”

“Governor Pritzker continues to ignore the entire legislative body by implementing his agenda through emergency rules and executive orders,” said Rep. Meier. “The people of Illinois did not elect Governor Pritzker to run the state by himself. The decisions he is making must be voted on by the House and Senate, not implemented by state agencies and special committees.”

The emergency rules approved today were filed on Friday, August 7th, by Governor Pritzker and were similar to the emergency rules rejected by JCAR in May of this year. The emergency rules will make businesses require their employees and customers to wear a face mask when indoors. Otherwise, if not in compliance, following subsequent warnings, the business could be subject to a fine of up to 2,500 and/or a Class A Misdemeanor.

Rep Meier added, “The State of Illinois was in bad financial shape before the pandemic and even worse now. It’s time for the legislature to return to Springfield immediately to address the important issues facing our state during the pandemic. The cost of the pandemic and the cost of corruption in our state should not be ignored. We must pass stronger ethics reforms and get our fiscal house in order during these difficult times. The people elected us to represent them, Governor Pritzker needs to call the General Assembly back to session immediately.”