Meier Reacts to Governor Pritzker’s Plan to ‘Restore Illinois’

State Representative Charlie Meier (R-Okawville) released the following statement concerning Governor Pritzker’s flawed plan to reopen Illinois:

“Governor Pritzker’s plan to reopen Illinois is a plan to keep small businesses closed indefinitely while ignoring CDC recommendations to safely reopen. The legality of Governor Pritzker’s plan is questionable. He is basically saying it is safe to shop at big box stores, but not anywhere else.

Like I have said before, the people of Illinois continue to make tremendous sacrifices to help Illinois slow the spread of the coronavirus. The virus should be taken seriously, but it doesn’t mean all small businesses and the service industry should remain closed for months or years until a vaccine is available.

We have a citizen legislature, the people of Illinois elected us to be their voice. It’s time for the legislature and Governor Pritzker to return to Springfield and approve a plan to safely reopen Illinois. The Governor needs to work with the legislature now, he must stop making decisions without approval from the legislature.”