Meier: Greenhouses, Garden Centers, and Nurseries Can Remain Open

I want to address the confusion concerning greenhouses, garden centers, and nurseries. Yes, you can remain open provided adequate social distancing is in effect. It is clear these essential businesses can stay open according to Governor Pritzker’s Executive Order 2020-10 and is reaffirmed under DCEO’s Essential Businesses & Operations Frequently Asked Questions UPDATED on 4/9/20 which reads as follows, “Our original guidance provided that stores that sell supplies that assist with either (a) agriculture; or (b) products for landscaping can continue to sell those products to the public, provided adequate social distancing is complied with. This guidance remains valid.”

For centuries our forefathers have provided for their families with large gardens. In the twenty-first century, we have community and urban gardens that provide fresh healthy food for a large portion of our population who can’t afford it. Healthy diets help with overall health which helps fight COVID-19. These essential agriculture businesses must remain open as we enter the season when family gardens, community gardens, and urban gardens need to be planted now – not May, June, or July. These plants will not survive in the containers they are in or have time to mature if not planted now. Our health and well-being depend on this essential agriculture industry.