Rep. Meier donates pay raise to local nonprofits

State Representative Charlie Meier (R-Okawville) refused to accept the 2.4% annual pay raise given to lawmakers this year by donating $2,000 to local nonprofits serving southern Illinois.

“I feel strongly that lawmakers do not deserve a pay raise, which is why I rejected the raise by donating it to nonprofits that provide important services to our communities,” said Rep. Meier. “I even co-sponsored legislation to reject the annual pay raise given to Illinois senators and representatives, but the legislation was not called for a vote this year.”

The lawmaker salary increase totals $1,628 a year. Rep. Meier even donated an additional $372 for a total of $2,000, and he’s paying income taxes on the pay raise too.

State Representative Charlie Meier donated $400.00 each to the following five nonprofits located in southern Illinois:

  • Caritas Family Solutions
  • Community Link
  • Hoyleton Ministries
  • Relevant Pregnancy Options Center
  • Washington County Vocational Workshop

Rep. Meier added, “Not only am I am refusing this year’s pay raise. If the Democrat majority does not give the legislature an opportunity to vote to reject a salary increase next year, then I will donate the additional raise to local charities and nonprofits serving southern Illinois.”