Rep. Meier Statement on Capital Bill to Improve Roads and Bridges

“Tonight I voted on a bipartisan plan to repair Illinois’ crippling roads and bridges by investing in our infrastructure. The last time we had a capital bill was 2009. Despite being a member of the minority party, we were successful at getting several pro-business reforms to help keep and create jobs in our state. This plan has the support of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce and the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association. We can’t grow our economy and create jobs without adequate infrastructure. The fact of the matter is, quite a few of our roads and bridges are not safe. We have major pot holes on I-255, the Jefferson Barracks Bridge had to close for several days and is in desperate need of repair. We couldn’t sit back and do nothing as our roads and bridges would continue to put our public safety at risk while at the same time place our infrastructure system at a disadvantage.”