House Democrats Diminish Rights of the Unborn

The Illinois House of Representatives recently approved legislation to further expand abortion rights in the state, despite the fact that abortion is already legal in Illinois and across the country. If enacted, the new law will result in Illinois having one of the most liberal abortion laws in the United States.

“A new law to further expand abortion is unnecessary given the fact that abortion remains legal,” said Rep. Meier. “I support the rights of the unborn at every stage. This bill further diminishes the rights of the unborn. I do not support making Illinois one of the most liberal abortion governments in the nation.”

Senate Bill 25 (SB25) creates the Reproductive Health Act by making the following changes:

  • Removes criminal penalties against a doctor who performs an abortion when there is a reasonable possibility of the survival of the fetus outside the womb
  • Requires private insurance companies to cover abortion
  • Provides for overly broad and expansive definitions of “fetal viability”
  • Will likely get rid of the parental notification act

The legislation passed by a vote of 64 in favor, 50 voting against, and 4 voting present. SB 25 now heads to the Senate for consideration.