Rep. Meier Receives Award for Conservative Voting Record

State Representative Charlie Meier (R-Okawville) received the ‘Conservative Achievement’ award for his conservative voting record during the 2018 Illinois General Assembly. The award was recently presented to Rep. Meier by the American Conservative Union Foundation.

“I appreciate the recognition for having a conservative voting record in the House of Representatives,” said Rep. Meier. “While Chicago lawmakers are pushing their liberal agenda at the Capitol, I’m working to defend Life, Liberty and Property. I won’t stop defending our conservative values in the legislature.”

According to the American Conservative Union Foundation, their state ratings are meant to reflect how elected officials view the role of government in an individual’s life. The ratings reflect the political philosophy that sovereignty resides in the person, and its elected officials’ essential role is to defend Life, Liberty and Property.

The American Conservative Union Foundation ratings found here are designed to educate the public about how consistently elected officials adhere to conservatism by carefully examining the entire docket of legislation introduced in Illinois every year.