Governor signs Rep. Meier’s bill making group home visit reports available to the public

Legislation sponsored by Illinois State Representative Charlie Meier (R-Okawville) to provide more transparency when a state designated agency visits Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILAs) a.k.a. “group homes” was signed into law by Governor Bruce Rauner on Friday, August 3. Currently, 3,097 Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILAs) operate in the State of Illinois.

“This new law will help determine what is going on in the CILAs and how our most vulnerable is cared for,” said Rep. Meier. The Auditor General’s report released on July 19th confirmed lack of inspections for CILAs. Now, every CILA visit by Equip for Equality will be made public. I look forward to working with Equip for Equality to make this happen.”

The new law P.A. 100-0694 (HB 5636) requires the State of Illinois’ current designated agency (Equip for Equality) to submit a report to DHS detailing how many visits the agency made, which facilities were visited, and the nature of each visit, so that DHS and the public can be sure that the designated agency is being diligent and effective in the protection of the State’s most vulnerable population. The new law also adds CILAs to the facilities the designated agency has access to.