Rep. Meier Receives Plassman Award for Improving the Lives of the Disabled

The Murray Parents’ Association recently awarded Illinois State Representative Charlie Meier (R-Okawville) with the Dr. Plassman Award for his dedication, and devotion to the residents of Murray Center and for advocating to improve the livelihoods of the disabled.
According to the Murray Parents’ Association, “We are humbled and honored to present this award to Representative Charlie Meier. Rep. Meier has been on a constant mission to keep Murray Center open as a home for our residents. He has spent countless hours working with other legislators, the parents/guardians, and community leaders to plan and implement ways to keep Murray Center open. Even when he was told “Murray is going to close” he refused to back down, and continued to fight.”
The prestigious Dr. W.P. Plassman award was started in 1977 by the Murray Parents’ Association to honor Dr. Plassman who was instrumental in helping to start the Murray Parents’ Association. Dr. Plassman became the superintendent of Murray Center in 1970 and he immediately saw a need for a parents’ organization, and arranged to have a Parents’ Day for two successive years with the hope that a parents’ group would materialize from these days. After the Second Parents’ Day in October 1971, the organizational meeting took place and the Murray Parents’ Association was born.
“I am extremely appreciative to receive the prestigious Plassman Award,” said Rep. Meier. “When I began standing up for the residents of Murray Center I did not anticipate nor expect to receive such an award. It warms my heart to receive such an honor and my heart will always be with the residents and family of Murray Center.”
Since 1977 fourteen people have been honored with the Plassman Award; Anita Becherer (1977), Ethel West (1979), Nancy Scott (1981), Phyllis Hatfield (1984), Wes and Lois Heintz (1984), Ed Elmore (1987), Howard Phillips (1987), John and Betty Stumpe (1991), Mary Phillips (1994), Audrey L. Kolar (1998), Senator Frank Watson (2001), Vickie Niederhofer (2005), Rita Winkeler (2014), and in 2015, State Representative Charlie Meier.