BND: Hannah’s Playground closer to becoming a reality

The Belleville-News Democrat ran a good story this week about Hannah’s Playground in Breese.  It was Hannah’s Playground which inspired me to introduce my bill (HB 3457) to help build playgrounds like Hannah’s in other Illinois communities.

“My focus, as State Representative, has always been helping those who need it,” said Rep. Meier. “I believe that improving our parks by making them more handicap-accessible will give those families that need help the most some much needed relief. Improving our parks by making them handicap-accessible will allow parents and their children to escape the stresses of home by being able to enjoy the outdoors.”

House Bill 3457, directs the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) to add to the criteria for giving park projects priority, handicap-accessible playground equipment such as ramped, ground-level play features, accessible swings, wheelchair accessible tables, adjustable equipment, universally accessible swings, and transfer platforms.

To read the full story by the BND, click here.