Meier: New Law Cuts Bureaucracy for Motorists with Medical Conditions Requiring Special Tinting Protections

A new law spearheaded by State Representative Charlie Meier will help Illinois motorists who require special window tinting for medical reasons cut through the bureaucracy to receive the required special license plates. House Bill 5468 was recently signed into law by the Governor. It will allow motorist needing the special tinting license plates to submit the medical order required once every four years instead of having to obtain the doctor’s order each and every year.

“Motorists living with Lupus and certain other medical conditions need special protection from the sun, even in their cars, so they need permission for darker window tinting than is generally allowed,” Representative Meier explained. “These are not conditions that change from year to year or may be temporary, so it makes no sense to force these motorists to go to their doctors for an order every single year in order to keep their special license plates.”

Rep. Meier said the idea for the new law was brought to him by a constituent who requires the special plates. The new four-year renewal cycle was agreed-to by the Secretary of State’s office and becomes effective immediately.

“Allowing these motorists to submit the doctor’s order every four years instead of each and every year will simplify the process for them and cut a little needless bureaucracy out of their lives, and that’s always a good thing,” Representative Meier said.